October 19, 2015

Hungry, Hungry

There is an area of our town's river where the ducks love to hang out.  When Abigail was at ballet I took my little two there with some stale bread.  Always a fun thing right...
 During the summer these birds are fed a lot and sometimes won't even come anywhere near you when you visit with food.  But with kids back in school and cold weather all around us these guys were HUNGRY.  So much so that Naomi stood there with her first piece of bread and before she knew it the ducks were reaching up and taking it right out of her hand.
So, needless to say she spent the rest of her duck feeding experience up in mama's arms.
 Ethan on the other hand found this experience great.  We didn't even have to do down the river.  Nope, the ducks met us right in the parking lot.  Ethan couldn't feed them fast enough.
 Naomi, not realizing how hungry the ducks were, fought off her nervousness of being near the duck by eating the stale bread.  Oh no, stressful eating starts young with this one.
 Being a little kid is fun, feeding 200 ducks, and playing in the sunshine.  All makes for a fun afternoon and one this little man did not want to leave.  Don't worry little ducks, we will be back soon.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Ethan was so brave! Good for him!

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