October 2, 2015

How We Weathered The Storm

Earlier this week we had rain melting last week's snow storm.  This fresh rain then turned back to snow, a lot of snow.
 I took this picture Tuesday morning and sent it out to family.  A hint that winter had indeed arrived to Fairbanks, Alaska.  This was the last thing I did before our little world shut down for several days. 
 But as the snow kept falling, and falling, to reach record amounts for September we made the deck into our refrigerator.  Kids loved eating "snow milk," the milk with ice chunks as our outdoor fridge did a job a little too well at keeping things cool
 And I kept busy melting snow all day for water.  Thankful for a continuous supply of our white water but boy how it melts down to next to nothing.  14+ inches of fresh powder meant that our snow water was also mostly clean of the fall leaves and debris.
 And as much fun as cold cereal is, it does get old fast.  Dinners cooked on the wood stove are always a fun way to switch things up.
And when the power finally came back on there was joy.  Ethan and I ran to the different floors of the house to flush the toilets, we heard the water pressure tank kick on, I mixed up a basin of hot soapy water and washed out our empty fridge and freezer before they cooled back off again, put load of cloth diapers in the wash and put the kids right into a bath.  We weren't sure if we would loose power again sooner or later.  The heavy snow from this storm keeps knocking trees down almost as fast as the lines are being cleared by our great electric crews.  Thankfully as I write this the power is still on.  And now that we are on this side of the storm I am happy and thankful that we are safe, well and did ok through three days of flashlights and a different pace of life.  


mother said...

My, my how I laugh at your rushing around washing children, diapers, dishes and refrigerators at record speed, anticipating the power to flicker off again. And flushing toilets!! haha I would have done exactly the same thing!!

The mounds of snow on the deck rails remind me of auSable Chasm snows.

mother said...

One more as I look at your pics again--nothing like fresh, white snow to hide any debris or clutter or mess in a yard. And, with the clean look, the world has such a hush as the snow absorbs the sounds of life around us. Like being in a white cocoon. I just love a new snowfall.

Anonymous said...

You are obsessed with order and efficiency! I love it- you were very strong through a rough time! Fun memories..only looking back! haha

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