October 29, 2015

Color Me Orange

The other night was pumpkin night at this house.
Josh had to work later then usual but I am not one to attempt this task with three little people alone.  So the pumpkins, tools and kids were ready the second he walked in the door.
Naomi was super excited that she got to carve the last of our garden pumpkins.
As usual the kids were taken back slightly by the feel of the guts.  Abigail groaned a little but Ethan is the one who had the fits.

He just did not want to put his hand down inside that pumpkin.  After a few attempts he gave that task over to Naomi.  So generous of him.
Daddy is our resident artist, so after the cleaning was accomplished the designs were deeply thought out.  Ethan liked to look at Josh, make a face and then say, "daddy make my pumpkin look like that."
This was the part our like guy was excited about.  The chance to carve something and not get scolded, ha ha.  
Meanwhile Naomi was keeping herself perfectly happy digging in, flinging, and exploring in the pile of guts.  What is it about having multiple kids and even though they come from the same parents, they are so very different in so many things.
But each one is special in their own way.
Pumpkins 2015 (L-Ethan, Middle - Naomi, R-Abigail)

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mother said...

Clever pumpkin faces. Funny blog of the differences in the kids.

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