October 27, 2015

A Time Of Peace

Last week I hosted a small dinner party for a few girlfriends.
It was quiet, expect when full of adult chatter, restful, full of foods we love but kids don't, had a white table cloth and fancy dishes.  Yes, we love our kids but these few hours - they were nice.  The next party is already on the calendar for next month.  This is certainly something we can get used to.


lindajo said...

Great idea. I use to do lunches twice a month. The kids would be there but it n the summer we would be outside. For me, it was a sanity saver. We did not have a second car and I could not go anywhere. But mine were not fancy like yours. Beautiful table.

Anonymous said...

So glad you took the extra effort to fit that into your life- there is nothing like adult girlfriends!

mother said...

Ahhh, the wonder of time with girlfriends. Like Linda says, that time IS a sanity saver! So glad you are doing this. Wouldn't your Grandma be so happy to see those pretty dishes set out like that. All her visits to the grocery store for one plate/bowl/dish at a time.


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