October 28, 2015

A 3-Year Old Costume Change

Last night was the first of our busy Halloween week.  How has this holiday gotten so busy?  We are doing very little but the kids are so excited.  For MONTHS Abigail has wanted to be Strawberry shortcake and Ethan wanted to be Spiderman.  One hour before the carnival last night Ethan was in tears over not wanting to be spiderman, huh?  Thank the Lord for our dress up drawer.  
Because in the end I had the very happiest strawberry shortcake AND train engineer.  They even called each other by their character names all evening.  What a party it was!  Nope I don't love this holiday but the kids think getting to dress up outside of the house is the best thing EVER.  Now we just need to wait and see what Ethan decides to be at the party on Thursday.  We never know.


Anonymous said...

They are so cute! Way to be adaptable for little Ethan!

mother said...

Oh Ethan!!! haha The best part of Halloween is NOT the candy or games but the excitement of being someone else!! Their enthusiasm comes right thru the computer today.


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