September 23, 2015

Winter Fit

Through out each year I gather winter gear from sales, hand-me-downs, and here or there and tuck them aside.  Then each fall the kids have their winter fit day.  That day where all of the coats, hats, gloves, snow pants, mittens, scarves, boots and wool socks are pulled out and fitted to each child.
 This is a day the kids love because it is all new to them again after the warm summer.  It is a day mama doesn't love because it is a reminder of the effort, sweat and patience it takes to wrestle three little kids into all of their gear each day for the next nine months.  (my hair was fixed that day by Abigail.  What a budding hair dresser she is.  Her motto is the more bling and color the better).
And while I worked on the next child, Abigail took her new snowsuit out to give it a try.  Keeping her warm on these cooler fall days is a challenge by itself and she gives her new winter gear a big thumbs up.  Ethan on the other hand spent 2 hours outside at 40 degrees in sweatpants, mud boots and a t-shirt.  After a hour I convinced him to at least put on gloves.  To each their own.  But come winter these kids are outfitted and ready for another season of cold ahead.

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mother said...

This effort tires me out just looking at the picture. All those snaps, buttons, ties and zippers. But, thank God you have all the pieces to keep those little darlings warm and comfy so they can get outside and pinken their cheeks. haha Still...that was a calorie burning day for Mama.

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