September 28, 2015

Thoughts On Procrastination

I don't consider myself to be one that procrastinates all that much.  But there are times when things get put off, for good reason of course - humm.  Such as my garden.  Last Friday's post, written Thursday night, mentioned that I still needed to pull the brussel sprouts and tomato plants.  That I was waiting for that time for Josh to be home and I could do it quickly and easily.  Boy was I in for a lesson.
 You see, that post was written before this happened on Friday.  Sigh.  
 Now not only did I REALLY need to pull up the last of my plants but now I got to do it in the snow, with Josh still gone, and three kids.
 And if I thought Naomi didn't like me pulling plants when it was 40 and cool autumn weather, she really didn't like her first time in snow gear watching me work.
Lucky for me this kid, and Abigail, were in heaven with all of the snow.  With all of the yard clean up I have been doing the past two week all of their yard toys have been packed up and stored in the greenhouse before being buried.  Thus these kids have been slightly bored when I bring us outside.  Cover the world in snow and well everything is new once again.  Abigail isn't in this picture because maybe half way through ripping my tomato plants out I had had it with Naomi and I bribed Abigail to push her in the baby swing until I was done.  Best cookie I ever gave away!
Alas, my 2015 garden is REALLY all cleaned up now.  Thank goodness.  

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mother said...

It's a very good thing that you didn't procrastinate on the winter gear fitting experience, right?
And honestly, playing in the pool with Cash and Dad and taking in your snow suit/mitten/hat/boot snow scene is almost more than I can wrap my head around.
Oh, one more thing--smart Mama bribing. ;-)

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