September 17, 2015

There And Back

There was a lot involved it our little trip to Homer.
 For one there was Ethan and Abigail.  Lucky for them their grammie lives a hour and a half north of Homer.  They spent 2 1/2 days being loved.  They did great, except when they didn't.  This little visit was the longest I have ever been away from them.  That hurt at times, them - me - and Grammie.  But in the end the feelings passed and they had a great time.  An when I did show up at the end they were more excited about seeing Aunt Hillary then me anyway.  
 The other small challenge about our Homer trip was the getting there and back again.  Alaska is a beautiful place but it is also a big place.  Homer is just shy of 600 miles south of Fairbanks.  The kids and I took the drive to Anchorage solo one night and picked Hillary up from the airport there at 2am where she was resting from her long flight up from NJ.  We rolled into Soldotna at 5:30am, just 10 hours after we had left, and it was so wonderful to see Josh's mom and to fall asleep for a couple of hours knowing she was watching out for the kids.
 The trip home we did a little differently.  Mainly we did it in the daylight.  We started Sunday morning having a little birthday celebration for Ethan before hitting the road north.
And as road trips with kids go, there was a lot of need for getting out of the truck and running, biking, jumping and fun before being strapped back into car seats for the next hundred miles or so.
But with Hillary in the truck with me, daylight to shine on the road, and kids who really did pretty great for doing over a thousand miles in four days, the hours weren't that long.
 We did our best to wear these kids out but Naomi and Ethan only napped a hour and a half and Abigail not at all.  But Hillary brought a batch of new music, laughter, hours of conversation and just three rules for the kids - No crying, no fighting and no whining 
Yes, sister trips are worth the miles and the planning efforts.  Sister trips (with kids for extra company) are wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for thinking it was possible with you kids so young and making it happen! It is a trip for the record books!

mother said...

I'm so glad you made that effort with all its planning and arranging. I see many more sister trips in your future...

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