September 10, 2015

Just What You Love

Ethan loves trains, spiderman and fruit.  So for his birthday that is what he got.
 We started celebrating on Monday by riding this train pulled by a steam engine originally used in 1899.  What a fun experience for all of us!
 And since this boy doesn't really love a regular cake we mixed up an ice cream cake for him using a little candy and part of his gift to decorate.  Giving Abigail the chance to unwrap KitKats confirmed to her that birthdays are the best thing ever.
 And watching how excited she was with each gift he got was just as much fun to watch as Ethan himself.  The gift she had made him was the first thing opened and enjoyed.  Learning the art of giving a gift, so fun.
 And where Ethan's grandparents and sister took the spiderman route, Josh and I went the train direction.  Josh built this new train table that is on wheels and can be moved around the basement.  It fits the new Ikea set perfect and so far there has already been a lot of time spend enjoying.  Even Naomi is starting to get her choo choo sounds down.
 I feel overwhelmed by the thoughts of big parties but lucky for me my crew loves the simple/fun days we have on birthdays.
 A day all about them and getting to eat as much ice cream as they wish.  Just what turning three in this house is all about.
And those little traditions we hold dear, like getting to mark your height on the growing board.  Yes, this boy is loved and he knows it.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little boy- he was so happy with his birthday celebration. Surrounded by the people that know his best and give him all the things he loves!

mother said...

He looks so happy-and I enjoyed noticing how interested little Naomi was in each of the pictures--not sure what these activities were all about but having a good time watching. Looked like a simply PERFECT birthday celebration for a little man turning 3.
PS--BEST CAKE EVER. I'll be trying that one out myself!

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