September 16, 2015

Homer 2015

I have lived in Alaska over 12 years now.  In those 12 years my sister has seen a lot of Fairbanks when she visits and not much else.  So this time she flew up north I met her at the airport and we headed south to Homer, one of my most favorite places ever.
 We stayed at an amazing B&B where the Homer spit was seen out the deck
 And the local wildlife was seen from the front door.
 In the 3 days we were there the clouds never lifted so Hillary never got a glimpse at the amazing view there is to offer but she did see a lot of other things.
  We took time to walk all of the beaches
And even though the distant view wasn't too clear she was able to enjoy the up close and personal parts of the fresh water meets salt water views of the beaches of Katchemak Bay
 As well as the fun and interesting things you must do in order to get to these great beaches.
 And in addition to all the gift shops, art galleries, and restaurants I showed her my favorite glass house on the edge of bishop's beach.  Oh how I would love to live there some day. 
 We had an amazing time, just to sisters - and a baby.  Abigail and Ethan stayed with Grammie in Soldotna, Alaska but Naomi came with us.  When having multiple children it is so fun to have little bits of time where each child can be singled out and given the attention of a single baby.  Amazing how little this girl fussed for three days of a mother and aunt's attention.
Yes, our Homer/sister trip of 2015 is one for the books.  Such laughs, so relaxing, lots of talking, and dreams of the next sister trip to come.


Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for the fun time of that trip!

mother said...

My heart rejoices to see you girls on a special adventure all your awn, plus Naomi, of course. What an awesome idea that became a reality! It's a BIG world out there, ladies. Keep dreaming!

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