September 25, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

This friday update is the last of the season.  Our nighttime temperatures have steadily been way below freezing every night and the garden is done for the year.
But before that first deep freeze night I was able to get out in the garden with the kids and pick all I could.  Green tomatoes are slowly ripening in the kitchen and being put into this and that as the days go by.
The last of the carrots and beets were picked and are being stored in the cool arctic entry way for daily use.  Until the nights get SUPER cold we will have fresh veggies.  I never look forward to the day that we clean, chop and blanch the remaining ones before they freeze in our unheated entry.  

I wanted to end this blog post with a picture of my empty garden and greenhouse covered in fall leaves.  But sadly my small patch of brussel sprouts remains, as does the tomato plants in the greenhouse.  The kids don't love to be out in the cooler yard as I pull plants (Naomi was carried on my back in the ergo while I pulled all of the carrots and beets).  I have done as much as I could here and there but have waited a few days thinking Josh would be home for me to do the last of it on my own.  But work calls and he has been out of town.  I guess the kids are going to have to bundle up and help me out this weekend.  Moose have been coming through a lot recently.  I left the garden gate even open one night thinking they would eat down my brussel sprout stacks and save me some work but alas they thought the carrot tops in my compost bin was more interesting.  Oh well, regardless of having an empty garden pic or not, my Friday Homestead Updates are over for the 2015 season.  It was a good one for sure.

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mother said...

You know, just seeing the picture of the carrots reminded me of the unpleasant task of pulling carrots out of the chilly dirt. My hands would get so cold. Never liked that job. But, they say carrots are sweeter if allowed to chill in the earth before picking.
I CANNOT imagine bending down to pull carrots with a 23 pound baby on my back!! Take it easy, girl. That back needs to last you a long time...

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