September 18, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

I am excited to report that this week's homestead update is given back to the bees.  The days of the bee hives, bee stings and protective coats are over but the days of honey have arrived.
 My neighbor and I spent time this week spinning our honey.  A process that involves balance and patience to try and get four frames to sit right for spinning out all of the honey out of the comb.  That honey is then drained out of the spinner and through cheese cloth to catch the extra wax and undesirables.  
 From that first bucket our honey strained once more to be extra careful.  I mostly worked without the kids but Abigail worked her way over to my neighbor's garage with me and was more then happy to spend the time watching mama work and licking up all of the drops of honey and little bits she could find.  What sweet goodness it is.
And after a few days that sweet gold was divided up.  How rich I felt to came home with jars full of my own honey to give to my family.
After watching this whole process, from building boxes last spring to the honey this fall, I can say that where the honey in my pantry is wonderful the knowledge is even better.  How thankful I am for my neighbor, his wisdom, experience, failures and successes that I have learned from.  I do see our very own Klynstra hive in this family's future for sure.


Anonymous said...

That is AMAZING how much honey you did get- you were uncertain and talked as if there would be barely and thimble and now look at the amount of amazing honey! That is the coolest!!!!!

Place Under The Pine said...

Wow, that is a lot of honey! Maybe you should consider taking on a hive of your own - it would be an adventure eh?

mother said...

That is a ton of sweetness, honey!! :-)
So pretty in its goldenness in the jars.

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