September 11, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

 This week has shown me that our usual fall pattern is holding true for one more year.  Last week we were below freezing for several days in a row.  This week all of those plants that survived that small cold snap are living strong in the slightly warmer (40's instead of 30's) fall days.
But even though they still have green leaves the growth is so slow I often wonder if it is worth keeping the whole process going.  Watering is a challenge right now since the leaves make such a blanket it is hard to get the water into the ground.  Lucky for me and the plants the leaves also hold in the moisture already there and the weather is cool enough that not too much watering is needed.
And most of what the garden is giving us these days is root vegetables.  All we can say is bring them on.  Nightly pans of roasted veggies are enjoyed by all with no leftovers ever.  Fall colors out the windows and on our dinner plates.
And just as the season is about done and I am ready to pull all of the remaining plants what chooses to start to actually brussel sprouts.  Who would have thought.  These guys have spent the past two months doing nothing.  Maybe they like to live on the side of danger and are racing against our first real hard freeze.  I don't know but I will give them as much time in the ground as I can if it means I get to eat one of my own sprouts. 
One thing that did happen when I was in Homer was a moose found a little bit of a fall buffet.  I don't know exactly what when down.  It is a little detective work in the making.  There are the hoof prints of a moose but no fence is damaged.  I can only imagine Josh left the gate open by accident once but we will never know.  The little thief at all of the leaves off of half of my broccoli.  Like I said I don't know what exactly happened but I am thankful that the leafless broccoli is still producing side shoots so not much to worry about there.
But the sights and sounds of fall are wonderful too.  Cooler days but still bringing in loads and loads of goodness.  Plus trying to roast one or more pans of tomatoes a day because having my house smell like a high end pizzeria just makes me feel so good.

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mother said...

The pan of beets and carrots and the pan of seasoned tomatoes were both delicious looking. I can almost smell the spices on those beautiful tomatoes. Wish I was there for dinner...


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