September 4, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

This week my strong and determined garden has endured 4 nights of 32 degrees or below.
 The good news is that none of these nights were a hard frost and with a lot of tarps and sheets (nothing looks too pretty this time of year), the garden is still going.  Not going strong but going.  We often have these frosts that kill most things and then it warms up for a few weeks.  I am hoping that is what this so this garden can grow for those few weeks more.
 And even though so things are growing most is not.  Really in the garden world this is the season of decay.  Not pretty at all but part of the gardening cycle.  Spring is seeds and sprouting, summer is production and green growth, and fall - fall is decay.  With the cool and rainy weather we have had all of the new blossoms are rotting before fruit can grow and thus cucumbers, green beans, and peas and basil have all been pulled and composted.  The last of the romenesco and cauliflower has been harvested and their plants were pulled and are gone too.  
 But with what still remains we enjoy.  The hardier plants are outside but our gentle tomatoes are in the greenhouse and although they don't love those cold nights they do love the indoors.  You see even on the cool days if the sun can peek through the clouds the greenhouse will warm up into temperatures these plants love.  
 As our strong summer producers fade away we take the turn to our root vegetables.  Oh how I love the different stages we get to enjoy.
And with the more gentle plants gone and there is suddenly room to walk the kids are allowed into the garden fence for the first time this season.  Oh how they love it and it means mama can be in and out a little more as well too.  Fun for all.  Plus we are all learning to love beets just a little bit more these days too.  I told the kids if they would eat all their beets the next day their pee would be pink.  You have never seen a vegetable disappear off a plate faster.  And can you believe it, Ethan discovered he loves beets.  Fun for all.

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Carie said...

Oh wow, frosts already. I can see why the above soil things have decided enough is enough but those are some very impressive looking carrots and I love your story of the beetroot!

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