September 2, 2015

Fall Cleanup

In the spring we decided to have our firewood delivered already split.  What a wonderful blessing that has been.  To have our wood stacked and drying all summer as Josh has been so busy with work.  One less thing to worry about.  

But with this new development has come the chance to clean up our "wood lot".  The area of our yard where we would cut, split and haul our firewood is full of birch bark from years of these labors.  Now it was time to be cleaned up.  In the spring Josh raked all of the debris into four large piles.  But then the summer dried out, wildfires picked up and a burn ban was put into effect.
 And so those piles sat, and sat and sat.  Oh, what an eye sore but nothing could be done, until now.  We have had a very rainy month so all burn bans have been lifted and with our burn permit in hand we set to doing a little yard cleanup.
 Often we wait until the first snow, or even -20 degrees middle of the winter time.  Time when we know the fire won't spread.  But as I mentioned, the past few weeks have been wet and cool.  Perfect time for a fire.
 And since we were burning more then just logs, think of lots and lots of wet and rotting pieces of birch bark, it was a good fire to have when we could actually see the ground. 

What a good time to spend as a family outside.  Cool weather but a warm fire.  Fresh air and lots of roasted marshmallows.  
Yes, work can be fun and it makes things look so much better.  Looking forward to more of a yard to play in next summer!

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