September 21, 2015

Fall 2015

On the calendar today is the first day of fall.  But really, fall is such a quick season here in Alaska.  Two weeks or so is all we really get and already it is running out.
 But what a glorious time it is.  No bugs, bright colors, and when it decides to stop raining, cool temps to play in that aren't yet freezing.
But of all the fall activities the kids love, leaf jumping is their favorite.
Winter will come soon but today we enjoy today.  Happy Fall and Equinox.  


Anonymous said...

The colors are great! Wish is was 2 months long for you!

mother said...

Happy day of bright colors! I'm actually pulling out all my autumn decorations today-fake golden leaves and cardboard pumpkins since summer is still in FULL bloom here in Texas!

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