September 8, 2015

Being A Big Boy At 3

Today is Ethan's third birthday day.   How much I adore this little man.  
Today I look at these pictures of when he was born, 
 Turned one 
 and then two and ask myself, where did that baby go?
 Because this past year of being two has been a busy one for our little guy.   After a year of growing, learning, stretching and exploring he has left those toddler days behind and he becomes my newest little preschooler.  Our little man has grown to wear a size 8 shoe, 3T pants and shirts, and 4T winter gear.  A hat on your head is necessary at all times and teaching you to take your hat off at the table is an ongoing battle.
Ethan you love your role in this family of dramatic children and you fit in no problem at all.  You are proud of the way you look and where getting dirty is a daily event you do love to dress up and look handsome when you can.
 You are so happy with a toy car, play dough, a trampoline, or ball and a stick (which you like to call your ball hitters).  Trains and spiderman are two of your favorite things.  Little action figures and acting our events is more fun for you then sitting and drawing.  Just recently you have started to discover crayons and are taking the time color a little.  Cutting paper and glue together collages of your favorite pictures is still the best sit down project for you.  The chance to be destructive is always best.  You love winter and the thought of snow on the ground makes you excited.
 This year you have learned how to pick out your clothes, dress yourself and fold and put away your existing clothes, make your own bed in the morning, to sing the alphabet, count, help cook, sing so many songs, talk and talk and talk, set the table, and put away your own laundry.  You love the chore of washing windows and sorting the laundry for washing.  You have watched Abigail get a chore chart and can't wait for your own.  This busy mama has promised that once you turn three you will get a chore chart just for you so with today's birthday that is right around the corner.  You are such a helper.
 And through all the wonderful memories we have of you being two we had the hard days too.  Being two is such an emotional year.  Emotions that go up and down, the inability to express oneself the way you wish, the desire to do it yourself but can't and the want, want, want for the attention all to yourself when you have sisters.  We still have the hard days, the times when you and I look at each other and are at an impassable place but I am happy to say as we reach three those days are getting less often and easier to resolve.  Yeah for that!
 You love other kids, the little boys in your life in particular, but Abigail is still your best friend.  When she is there taking charge and playing along with you things are ok.  And just as you are easy going in the role of little brother you have also taken great steps in being a big brother.  Oh how you adore Naomi.  She looks up to you and you love to care for her, kiss her, hug her and call her your little darling baby sister, babe, and my Naom.  Whenever you have spent any time away from your sisters there is always a lot of hugging that takes place when you are reunited, even if it has been for a hour.
 In public you are more outgoing then Abigail, more willing to walk into a new situation with confidence and boldness but you are a little introvert at heart.  Your favorite situations are when all five of us are together.  If daddy is at work you will fret all day until he is home again, and the same goes if anyone of us isn't together.  And home, it is by far your favorite place.  The age old parent threat "if you don't hurry or I will leave you at home" is lost on this boy.  You say that and he will stop putting on his shoes and just sit inside begging you to go ahead and just leave him there.
My Ethan Hamilton, today you are three.  Hearing you yell, "Mama, I love you all the day" through the house always stops me short, calms me down and makes me smile.  You give the best hugs, the goofiest smile, and the most tender heart.  We love you so.

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grandma said...

Happy birthday to our big boy!! You are growing up so fast (TOO fast for your aging grandparents...). I still get the chills when I think of your very first cry and the relief we all knew to hear it.

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