August 31, 2015

Why Do We Do This?

This summer Josh and I have had the goal of hiking more with the kids.  We live in a great place to hike but with little kids the real trial seems to be the drive to get to those trails.  One thing we decided upon was to utilize our local borough ski trails.  It is 10 minutes from the house and has miles of up and down trails through the woods to explore.
 In the spring when we started we snagged a map of the trails and have been slowly marking them off as we have hiked them as a family.
 We set out to explore a new trail this weekend.  With the cool weather, rain, and mud we might have heard the questions, "why are we doing this?" about a hundred times.
And our response, this is fresh air, nature, exploring, and family.  It might not seem like you are having fun but this, why this is memories in the making.  Time will only tell if they ever agree with us.  But for now Josh and I are enjoying these adventures.


Anonymous said...

Don't listen to them! You are doing the right thing ;-)

mother said...

Oh the trials of the trail tales--!

PS-Especially love that first pictures of Abigail holding Daddy's hand.


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