August 26, 2015

Where You Are, I Shall Be Also

The other day I ran out of toothpaste in the upstairs bathroom.  I knew I had some downstairs so I went to look.  What is it about mama opening bathroom cabinets that makes all of the kids run.  These cabinets that all have baby locks on them are like hidden treasures to the kids.  
So while I found my toothpaste they found nail polish.  A simple job of finding something turned into painted toes and fingers for all three happy kids.  Yup, that pretty much sums up my views on mothering today.  I might not have any business calls coming in or big deals to make and break but I don't often live off of a planned schedule either.  How those simple times of saying ok to a spontaneous request make the day much more fun for all.  That and one's house feels a whole lot bigger and nicer after spending a hour in a small bathroom with three kids!


mother said...

Love those happy smiles!! This is the best part of your life-no one setting your clock. And-looking at Naomi shaking something, all I can say is, "It had such potential!!" haha

heath said...

haha!!! Is there a shoe in the sink!! :) The kids look SO SO SO happy. Well done momma!! :)

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