August 20, 2015

When Dirt Is The Answer

Last week we had one of those unplanned, unexpected homeownership issues.  Simply put, we found a sink hold.  After Josh dug down just over 10 feet we confirmed the house, pipes, septic and all was fine.  Except...we had a sink hole.
 So Josh decided to fix it the right way.  Three dump truck loads later ( one of fill dirt, of topsoil, and then pea gravel)
 and the use of a co-worker's skid steer (Ethan was in 2 year old boy HEAVEN)
 And our sink hole was filled, the yard was torn up but on the mend, and the plan for no further problems are in our future.
And after the close of the day Ethan, and his buddy Mr. Boston, had one huge and soft dirt pile (and yard for that matter) to play in.  Oh those unexpected joys of homeownership.  Just never know where it is going to take us.

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