August 13, 2015

Thoughts On A Thursday

 Some random thoughts on a random Thursday:

- Yesterday I had to start the first fire of the year.  August 12th, how sad.  But the kids and I were walking around the house bundled in several layers of fleece and so I caved.  That and every load of laundry I tried to put on the line was rained on.  So thankful for a warm fire right now to warm our house and dry the excessive amount of laundry that has backed up over the past few days.
- Josh is home.  He got home late last night, earlier then planned but as his work goes - we never know what is going to happen.  So for now we are thankful he is back and will prepare things because we never know when he is going to be gone again.  Once in awhile out of town field work is fun, this not as much.
- Everyday Abigail asks if it is fall yet.  She knows that this fall she will get to take ballet class.  I try to impress upon her that fall also means the end of summer and that isn't anyone should wish for, but oh she is so excited.
- As school gears up again for the year I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am that Abigail is still four.  So thankful for another year of little kids!
-The kids have had a break through in the swimming pool.  Oh confidence and being willing to jump, submerge and swim makes going to the pool so much better.  How excited I am to hear the kids beg to go back so they can play some more.  After working with them for what seems forever they are finally getting there.  What relief.
And with these random thoughts comes a random picture.  I love seeing Naomi sleep all cuddled up with her babies.  Days of growing up go too fast.  

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mother said...

Sweet baby. So she found her favorite baby?

I KNOW that feeling of August chill, the first golden leaves that would cause me to avert my eyes and school shopping. I, too, never wanted to have to put school shoes on those little feet that ran around in sandals and sneakers for 2 months nor even think about setting an alarm clock to match the demands of a school schedule. Ohhh-gives me the shivers even now!


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