August 27, 2015

Those Last Bit

Last week we went to visit the gardens.
And how thankful I am that we did.  
 Because I need to look at these pictures, flowers in bloom, t-shirts/shorts, and sunshine, to remind myself that it was just last week.
 What a difference a week makes.  Now it is cool, rainy, cloudy, with the yellow hue of birch leaves in the trees and red cranberry leaves on the ground filling our world with those autumn colors.
How thankful I am that we went to the gardens last week.  As we all ate ice cream in the sun we had no idea what a few days would do to our world.  
Here in Fairbanks one week means what once was summer is now fall.


mother said...

Not in TEXAS!! It's in the high 90's and hot, hot, hot... Fall is no where to be even thought of. It is summer all the time. I wish we could find a happy balance and live happily ever after there. Good idea???

heath said...

What beautiful photos!!! Gosh, the kids are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love that last photo of Ethan and Abigail- looks so natural!

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