August 10, 2015

Lucky Kids

There seems to have been a lot going on here.
10 days ago my parents left
10 days ago Josh came home from out of town work
9 days ago he decided to take some vacation time, YEAH, and we celebrated last week with an unexpected "stay-cation".
3 days ago Josh's parents arrived.
 They both drove 500 miles on Friday for three reasons, all being 4 years old and under.  
 And with those little people in mind they brought up their tent, set it up in the yard and 
Have been taking Abigail and Ethan "camping" all weekend.  This morning the tent, supplies and Grammie and Grandpa are driving 500 miles south but what fun these kids have had.  What lucky kids.  With their departure also comes Josh's as he heads back out of town for work once again.  This summer is certainly one with a swinging door it seems.  But no worries, we won't be alone for long.  Good and dear friends of ours are arriving next Saturday to spend some time with us as well.  One thing about summers in Alaska, it is a great time to host those we love.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful adventurous grandparents- I think that is such a fun memory!

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