August 12, 2015

How We Grow

This week is the big week of the year for our local Fair.  It is our tradition to go each year, see the animals, wander the booths, gaze at the rides and take a picture of the kids by the cabbages.  This year I did have to go.  Nope, Josh's parents came up last weekend to camp but to also take the kids to the fair.  Josh and I, why we went on a date - one that was not at the fair.  They took Ethan and Abigail early in the afternoon to go on some rides.  Then later Josh and I dropped Naomi off and they went to check out the animals together (the word is Naomi loves snakes, happy I missed that one).  As I dropped Naomi at the gate I said, please be sure to get the cabbage picture for me.  And as they set it up Abigail asked her Grammie, why are we doing this? (ahh we are reaching the self aware years and someone is a little embarrassed to sit by a 300lb cabbage) and Grammie tactfully answered, because it is tradition, your mother wants this, and that is that.  
The angle isn't the best but I didn't take it and so I am thankful to have this picture. 
August 2015:  Abigail 4 1/2 and 33 lbs, Ethan one month shy of 3 and 34 lbs, and Naomi 14 months and 23 lbs.  Since this was taken the second day of the fair instead of the last days the cabbages actually look like cabbages this year.  I will say these fair pictures aren't the best pictures I ever post but tradition is tradition.  Don't mess with it and maybe a bad picture is part of the tradition, maybe we will break that part up a little bit next year.
August 2014:  Abigail 3 1/2 and 30 lbs, Ethan 23 months and 30 lbs, and Naomi 9 weeks and 12 lbs 8 oz.  
August 2013:  Abigail at 32 months and 26 lbs with Ethan at 11 months and 25 lbs
August 2012 - Abigail 20 months old and 21 lbs
August 2011- Abigail 8 months old and 18 lbs

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