August 28, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

Well, last night the internet was down and the garden was soaked from the rain.  The result of both is that this picture of a cucumber grown in my greenhouse from earlier this week is all I have to share with you today.  The cooler shift in weather has meant that the growth is slowed but when I am up to braving the rain I am still pulling in baskets of produce and I love that feel.
This week I served my favorite meal to make, one that was entirely grown and raised here at home.  From the chicken, to the vegetables and the pesto it was all homegrown and really that is what having a garden, chickens and bees is all about.  Often in August we do get cold and rainy days but come September the fall days become crisp and sunny before the snow arrives.  I am really hoping that is the case this year too.  I am certainly ready for the sun once again as I also keep a close eye on the forecast so that I can fight for my plants if frost shows up anytime soon.

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mother said...

What a feeling to serve a meal with no question of the food source/hormones/bacteria/etc. Living off the land and doing it so very well. It is a ton of work and effort but so amazing to feed your family such abundance of healthy, super-organic meals. I am so proud of you!

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