August 21, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

The leaves on the trees are turning yellow, the fireweed has reached to top of its stalk, and the garden has taken a turn from the summer harvest to the fall harvest.
 This week the biggest update is that I finally got out to the garden for 20 minutes to do a little cleaning up.  I was able to pull all of the romanesco and cauliflower plants that had already had their heads harvested.  This extra space has now been given to the pumpkin plants.
 And even though they aren't huge, the pumpkins are starting to grow.  
 And even though the bright and summer harvest items are mostly over we are still getting the kids favorite, the peas.  Abigail has become my sol pea picker.  As the plants in the garden are large, hardy and most nearing the end of production, she is even being allowed to enter the garden to pick the peas from the back wall.  She loves this extra responsibility and I love that someone 3 feet tall is finding all those peas I miss.
And even though the days have been cooling down outside, whenever the sun shines a little the greenhouse does warm up and thus the place is continuing its life's dream of being a jungle.  Handfuls of tomatoes and cucumbers along with herbs are brought in daily.  Yes, the garden sure has had a shift.  The end is near but we can still hold on to these last days of summer for now.

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mother said...

Could you transfer one of those pumpkin plants into the greenhouse to ensure growth?

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