August 14, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

Today I leave you with a picture of my bees because last night was the end of them.  That is right, even though it is August 13th and in the lower 48 hot sticky days of summer remains, fall weather is coming to Fairbanks fast.  So fast in fact that I have had to sweep yellow leaves off of my deck TWICE already.  And so even though we collapsed the hive boxes down last week, took most of the honey inside and they were waiting for the rest of the baby bees to hatch the wait was over.  Man I have learned SO much this summer from my neighbor about the world of bees.  How blessed I have been to have such a mentor.  And as the two of us vacuumed up around 10,000 bees last night I was in for another lesson.  Being a beekeeper is never a boring job folks, never.
And so with the honey set to sit for awhile in his garage and six bee stings in my hands that is the end of this portion of our little homestead.  The garden is still going strong but the cooler/rainy days have slowed things down.  Those silly pumpkin plants of mine that decided they did want to live late in life are producing small pumpkins.  My wish right now, as I go out and cut off flowers every day, is that the plants will work hard enough this fall to make those small baby pumpkins grow big enough to actually enjoy.  We will see.  Next week I will be sure to update more on the garden itself.  But tonight with swollen hands and the taste of sweet honey on my lips I close one more chapter of my 2015 summer.


Sarah said...

Bee Keeping - wow! I have wanted to do this in theory, but I just can't stand getting stung! Your poor hands. Nice to have found you over on Soule Mama!

mother said...

Poor poor swollen hands! Those bees were fighting you, for sure! I hope you are OK. 10,000! I recall the sensation of being afraid yet fascinated all at once as I stood with that bee suit on, surrounded by hundreds of buzzng bees.

Anonymous said...

So wait.... were the bees dead that you sucked up? They just die like that? Now the honey sits? How long does it sit before you can harvest it and the wax?
Steph visited during lunch so I walked and talked to her and missed you- now the bees are dead and I didn't even KNOW!!!!!


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