August 7, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

August 2015 and the garden is growing so well.
 To the eye this might just look like a massive pile of green yet is is sections upon sections of vegetable plants all growing and loving these last few summery days we have been blessed with this week.  At the bottom of the picture are the huge pumpkin plants (remember how they questioned if they originally wanted to grow or not way back when I transplanted them?).  They are slowly growing into the second row as I pull plants after harvesting the romenesco and cauliflower.
 But the big news in the garden right now is the vegetables.  Really, this time of year is amazing.  This small pile came from my running into the greenhouse for all of 5 minutes to water a little last night.  I didn't even take a basket in with me as I didn't go looking.  As a result I came back to the house with my coat pockets bulging.  This is the time of year where every night dinner is a main dish (three out of the last four nights have been fresh Silver salmon thanks to Josh's parents, also a this time of year event) joined by broccoli or cauliflower, steamed zucchini, accompanied by fresh snap peas, cucumbers and tomatoes and the kids are begging for the home canned green beans too. But who ever heard of too many vegetables being served at one meal?
 And can I just say how much it makes me smile that my 2 and 4 year old know what romenesco is and how to say it.  Plus they, as well as the baby, can not get enough of this great vegetable.  Steamed until soft and so flavorful and Naomi will eat almost an entire head of it herself.
Having this garden and growing food for my family is something that responds well to my love language of being able to serve.  Plus it makes me smile to listen to the dinner conversation between the kids as they discuss "What am I going to grow in my garden when I grow up."
And on the slight progress note.  This is my first year growing brussels sprouts and up until this point all I have seen is a lot of green stalks.  I am so excited to report that just this week I am started to see the buds that tell me my silly plants might be starting to think about producing something some time soon.  And if they wish too they need to start soon.  Summer in Alaska is getting ready to close up shop.  The sun is starting to set more and more and by midnight the sky is dark.  The other night I saw the moon for the first time in three months.  Hello moon and cool evenings that beg for the fleece coats to be unpacked.  We Alaskan's do love our summers but how fleeting they certainly are.

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