August 24, 2015

A Child's Play yard = A Mother's Labors

Last week I mentioned that Josh did dirt work in our yard.  It is amazing how dirt work in one portion of the yard and the use of heavy machinery means that once the rains come 
the ENTIRE yard soon becomes a muddy mess.  Oh how much the kids wanted to go out and play the other day.  Within 3 minutes all had fallen down, were crying, wet, muddy, in need of fresh new clothes because mud was being tracked everywhere and maybe the baby had her foot stuck in the mud and when I turned around she was walking around the muddy mess in socks.  
Oh boy, might as well add cleaning shoes to my list of nightly chores.  Yes we have mud boots but even running to the car to head to town seems to be reason for detours into mud piles.  I really do not want winter to arrive but at this point the thought of all that mud freezing up does sound pretty nice to me.


mother said...

oh my! That row of little shoes is so dear but the task of digging out mucky mud from the treads is so yuck! Like you need another task to your day, Mama.

Anonymous said...

WAs it too cold to hose them down before they came into the house?

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