July 14, 2015

Look At Me

A few times a year or so I will put in an order for pictures, print out a few we love and update my picture frames.  In this age of digital pictures I do love that I can take so many but I like to get them off of my computer and up for us all to enjoy too.  The other day the big orange package from Shutterfly came and it was a process to organize the pictures I had ordered into the 15 or so frames I had planned them to be in.  As the kids played on the deck I let the handrail be my work space.
 The kids loved it.  Seeing the old pictures I keep stored behind the new ones in the frames, the chance to see a picture of themselves blown up big, and the memories from when those pictures were taken.
 But no one was as happy as this baby.  She loved seeing her picture.  And a mama who can work on a project successfully is happy to see a picture cause such joy.  I might have had to wash the glass very well after all those baby kisses were given.  She just couldn't stop kissing that adorable baby.
So our living room wall is updated, as are the frames in our bedroom.  It is always good, especially on the harder days, to be reminded of the happy memories we have made.

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mother said...

Sweet. I think Naomi resembles you as a baby more than either of the others.


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