July 3, 2015

Friday - Homestead Upstead Update

This past week has been a mix of a few rainy days, a few smokey days, a few sunny days.  A good mix for growth.
 The garden is in the getting big and green stage.  We are getting a few zucchini from the main garden but for the most part right now production is low but potential is high.
 The snap peas have stated producing and that makes the kids so excited.  One of my great joys in life is saying yes to my kids request for snacks by passing them vegetables through the garden fence!  
 Each of the broccoli plants have started to get small dime sized heads amongst the giant leaves.  After the rain last Sat. a few plants fell over but for the most part everything has been ok.  The green beans seem super slow this year but the rain over the week after all the smoke has seemed to perk them up a little. 
 We are also starting to see color.  Josh took the time this year to pull out all of the weeds around the wild raspberry bushes and to stake them up with strings.  This work is starting to pay off as the raspberries are turning red.
 And can you see this color?  Yes, we are getting red tomatoes in the first week of July.  We have had several already and they are a joy.  Even though things are slow it is so fun to put on the dinner table the peas, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce.  Those first fruits are so special.
 Also on the homestead side - last Saturday was chicken day and this is what the pen now looks like.  It took a total of 36 hours.  3 1/2 for the pen to skinned and in the cooler and then another day or so to process all the meat.
We gave Josh's parents five birds as a thank you for their helped and have ended with 24 of our own in the freezer.  That works out to 48 breasts, 48 leg/thigh portions bagged, sealed and ready for use.  We then cooked down the rest of the birds and ended with 26 cups of cooked meat pieces and 7 1/2 gallons of canned broth (or orange juice as Ethan likes to call it).  


Carie said...

Big and green really is the word of the day - it all looks amazing!

mother said...

That red tomato excited me the most! Ahhhh-nothing quite like a warm, just picked tomato to bite into.

Anonymous said...

Good Job you master gardener! When we talk you make it sound like you never get out to the garden and then you post an update like this!!! Is this picture from last year?!

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