July 10, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

Mid July - a time of green, growth and the start of fun.  This picture was taken of the garden last night at 10pm, you have to love the land of the midnight sun.
 We are still loving peas, zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes.  The beets are getting bigger and bigger and I am starting to think I can start pulling some soon.  The broccoli all have heads and it will be the week we start eating and setting some aside for winter for sure.  The kids are starting to learn what summer is with zucchini in a different form every night for dinner and zucchini cakes and breads coming out of the oven all the time.  The green beans all have flowers and oh how I can't wait to start eating those too.  The pumpkin plants, the ones I was so worried about back in early June, have decided they do love life and are getting big and full.  The one thing I did this week was pull all my lettuce out of the planter box on the deck and reseeded with a new pack of seeds.  My current batch had bolted, was bitter and the aphids were taking over.  I am hoping by early/mid August we will have a new batch of lettuce to carry us through to fall.  That and my neighbor gave me some tobacco juice to spray on the aphids, he says it works great - I will just have to give it a try.
 Also going well are the bees.  People have been asking for awhile for pictures and with my mother-in-law with me I was able to get a few this past week.  I don't normally EVER bee keep in shorts it just happened to be what was going that day and it was ok.  But don't worry, my legs will always be covered when I open that hive again.
 This is my neighbor I am learning from.  He is great and I am so thankful for his wisdom, mentorship and friendship that these bees have brought.
The big thing with bees is that it isn't too windy or wet and that there are flowers around.  This summer has been good on all three aspects.  And just so you know, honey made from Alaskan fireweed flowers - amazing.  So excited to be on this journey for sure.


Carie said...

Oh how exciting to see the bees and the promise of all that honey - and the daylight at 10pm does seem incredible, though I suspect you pay the price in the winter!

Anonymous said...



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