July 20, 2015

Family Camping

Oh what a time we had.  I would say that we are fitting in nicely to this family camping thing.
This "time to get away" stuff where flowers, rocks, dirt, sleeping bags, camp fires, and so much more fills our time.
 These experiences with rain, bugs, boo boos, noisy campers, early risers, and miss communications test us, try us and in the end don't seem that bad.
 Those feels of being dirty, tired, achy (when did sleeping on the ground get so hard), and frumpy aren't that big a deal when you see your girl picking wild strawberries in the field and your son is happy for hours with just a kazoo.  
The realization when you come home with coolers, wet tents, loads of laundry and only want a shower yet you are talking about just when you can go again.
Yeah, those dirty face feelings.  Family camping feels like that.

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