July 1, 2015

Coming Together

Sometimes it is so hard in life to feel close knit as a family.  Jobs, extended family, kids, responsibilities, bills, friends and all come at us all the time.
But at the end of the day no matter what has happened the five of us are under one roof dreaming together in our sleep.  Each day brings challenges but how thankful I am that we have each other.


mother said...

Very pretty picture. Very!!!!
The issues your young family have to remain connected will be with you as you and Josh are alive. Take it from me--all the other parts of life don't EVER go away and you will always find yourself in a balancing act trying to prioritize. And later in life you can add grandchildren to the mix. :-) A key is to look at all these parts as enhancements and not antagonists to your life together.

Anonymous said...

You do such a good job of constantly trying to focus yourself and your family's priorities- you should teach seminars... not because you do it perfectly every time- but because just by trying to make it a priority you end up evaluating and re-evaluating until many of your decision come in alignment with a bigger purpose.
does that even make sense?!