July 9, 2015

Bee Bop

I have said it before but it still remains true, the hardest part of arts and cracks for the kids is coming up with the ideas.  So I was super excited the other day when I came up with an idea as I got ready to recycle a few boxes.
Ethan loves robots - the kids could make robots themselves.  We started with a cereal box, oatmeal box, egg cartons, paper towel rolls and paint.
Once that was dry we went on the to putting it together part.  Abigail is the one that requested we crack out the buttons since she needed something to push so her robot could say, "beep I love you Abigail."  I love how each robot was unique to the kids.  Great ideas don't come all that often but when they do we all have fun.


mother said...

oh my-they turned out so great. Abigail's has eyelashes and hair and a big HEART. and Ethan's has a huge mouth. So creative. I love it.

Anonymous said...

so cute!

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