July 7, 2015

A Place To Read

For the past year I have known that our little family has been getting closer and closer to outgrowing the nursery rocking chair.  With three little wiggly kids story time over time moved from the chair down to the floor as I looked and looked for something we could all be comfortable on together for story time.  I wanted something for our little sitting area upstairs but all new/modern couches that I could find were just too big, puffy and wide.
 We were so excited when we finally found out perfect reading couch at a garage sale last month.  Old but from a clean and meticulous older couple we knew that the no nonsense, low profile couch was just what we needed.
 But because our new to us couch was older it needed a new cover.  I am so thankful to say that my mother-in-law was up for the task.  Over the weekend she worked wonders, and I helped just a little, until 
Our new couch was ready.  Perfect.  I am very, very pleased.

1 comment:

mother said...

OK-4 thoughts:
1. I can see myself in Abigail's skin, lying on a soft couch outdoors staring upwards at the clouds rolling by and the waving branches so far beyond me. Her dreamy expression slows my heartbeat.
2. I looked twice and then again and Linda is sticking out her tongue! She is!!! You can't mock me any more--hahahaha
3. New cover looks amazing and I can hardly believe Linda knew how to make one that fit so well!! Wow! Impressive.
4. I am as old fashioned as the original owners, I guess-----I really liked the floral cover.


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