June 8, 2015

Too Good For Once A Year

I have mentioned this before but in our family loves to celebrate 1/2 birthdays.  The one rule is we don't do presents but instead the kids have a date with daddy, pick their favorite foods for dinner and get to have a special dessert with Happy 1/2 Birthday sung to them.
 And for Abigail, my lover of all celebrations, this is a huge deal and something she talks about for months until it finally happens.  Josh took her on Friday and they went biking, did crafts at the children's museum and then played at a playground - just the two of them.  When they came home Ethan, Naomi and I had cooked a dinner of Abigail's choosing.
But since we had just had cupcakes for Naomi's birthday on Tuesday I decided to switch things up and made dirt pie for Abigail.  Ethan was so excited he could hardly contain himself holding in the surprise and after Abigail came home you could hear him whispering "dirt" then giggling with excitement.  Abigail loved the surprise and the candy worms were her favorite.  Happy 1/2 birthday my dear, 4 1/2 looks good on you.


mother said...

The excitement on both faces makes me smile, too. What a fun thing to do!

heath said...

THIS IS GREAT...PURE JOY! My C is still talking about gummy worms at aunt kathleens house (that she just saw)

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