June 18, 2015

To Be Known

One of my biggest wishes is to be known.  I am so blessed that on my birthday this was shown to me in so many ways.  From my friend showing up with a gift of the most beautiful flowers, the perfect idea presented from my sister and parents, and from a special email sent from my best friend who knows how important to me it is to be known.  When I told Heather I wanted to write out 34 things I know on my birthday she said, oh I want to do that too.  So, here is her list - so fun. 
Here is my list of 34 things Kathleen knows (I have NOT looked at the blog yet)

1.  How to make an amazing pie crust
2.  How to make and carry on traditions within her family and friends
3.  How to build a house
4.  How to grow a beautiful garden and then can a wonderful amount of produce
5.  How to jump on a sewing machine and knock it out of the park---or atleast wing it and make it look amazing!
5.  How to swim
6.  How to correctly use and pronounce the following words:  crevasse, moraine, striations, anything else 'glacier-esque'
7.  How to use an electron microscope!
8.  How to dig in deep and trust the Lord.
9.  How to appreciate the beauty that comes with cold
10.  How to cook cook cook...and wonderfully so!
11.  How to serve others using #10
12.  How to split and stack to perfection wood
13.  How to give great hugs.
14.  How to stick up for herself (maybe this comes from being the youngest of 3 siblings)
15.  How to cultivate relationships.
16.  How important family is.
17.  How Gene's Chrysler feels when she walks in......AGAIN.  
18.  The value of handwritten notes sent through the mail
19.  How to find a 'good deal'.
20.  That hard work and time spent at something will pay off.
21.  How a bare bottom feels sitting on styrofoam at 40 degrees below zero.
22.  The value of 'blue gold'.
23.  The value of 'liquid gold'. :)
24.  How to climb and ski out to and over/through an icefield.
25.  How to teach her peers, her kids, and others around her in a way in which you can't help but learn.
26.  How to live in tight spaces and in limbo.  I think she could pull off being a nomad and make it look comfortable for her family and 'okay'...and probably still make amazing meals with amazing desserts.
27.  How to be a leader.
28.  How to  speak up for what she believes is right even when it may be a hard thing to do (or unpopular)
29.  How to make ANY structure a HOME.
30.  How to survive.
31.  How to truly be a sacrificial person---and a grace giver.
32.  How to make people feel welcome, loved, and important.
33.  How to be a beautiful, Godly mother and wife...not perfect, but humble and loving.
34.  How to be an amazing best friend and sister in Christ...

I would like to think she was right on just about all but number 12, it seems almost every stack of wood I stack falls over.  I am better at the hauling wood part where Josh does the stacking.


mother said...

What a gift to have a friend know you SO VERY WELL. Many people go through life never having the kind of friend that she is to you. That list is remarkable!!!
BTW, Kathleen--as a wise counselor encouraged us to say to those close to us, "I see you. I hear you." Inotherwords, you are KNOWN to me and by me. I love you. m

Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT! list! My favorites are # 17, 19, 32.
#17 made me laugh
#19 I totally respect about you
#32 is so true and the people in your life are better for it!