June 3, 2015

The Way The Day Was Special

Birthdays are such special days.  We like to keep things pretty low key but no less memorable.  For Naomi we ...
made pink cupcakes to decorate with Ethan as my right hand man with the sprinkles
 Talked a lot with phone calls and skype sessions with family and friends
 blew up plenty of balloons to play with
 cooked this girl some of her favorite foods (tilapia, risotto, grapes, and green beans)
 Ethan and Abigail each had a present for their sister
 And Naomi was slightly excited about her cupcake (this is a super excited face, not a mad one)
 I do have to admit I think in the end Naomi was the cleanest one year old I have ever met.  It helps if you don't actually eat any of your cupcake.
 We ended the day by giving Naomi her bi-yearly height check on the kid's growing board.
Yes, we might have kept the day simple but it really was special.  Naomi's birthday happened, she is one and every day she is surrounded by those that love her.


Anonymous said...

Ooooo I liked that you ended with the board height recording- very cute!

heath said...

So fun!! What a great day for her. You guys always do such a wonderful job of celebrating these days for the kids. I love how simple family focused it is--not dramatic or even close to overboard, but perfect....Miss you...

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