June 1, 2015

Smells of Summer

Growing up the smell of lilacs were a wonderful reminder of early May and mother's day.  My mother used to cut the flowers and fill the house.  I love that smell.  Here in northern Alaska the smells of lilacs are connected more to my birthday then to Mother's day (always just a little bit behind).  We planted this little bush five years ago and this year I am so pleased to announce that we have flowers for the very first time.
Ahh, the wonderful smells of summer.  But now these flowers bring back more memories then just my childhood.  Last year on this date I went to the hospital to have a baby girl that just didn't want to be born on June 1st.  That evening and night I would walk and walk and walk around the inside and outside of our hospital for hours trying to work myself into labor.  As we walked my mother and I picked bunches of lilacs from around the hospital grounds and filled my hospital room with that wonderful smell.  What a wonderful smell that fills my mind with memories.


mother said...

Reading this post and seeing Abigail in that dress has me sitting here in tears. My memories are overflowing today, as well.
As much as they can make us sentimental, memories bring joy to my heart.

heath said...

How wonderful to see them FINALLY bloom!! Are these right below the garden/above the top of driveway? Such a sweet post :) Love A's dress too. Random q--is the swing still there for N to enjoy?