June 2, 2015

She Is One

June 2nd
The day I will always give to my baby girl.
Our Naomi who from day one has decided that her timing on everything is perfect.
My summer baby who has let this land of midnight sun mess up normal sleep schedules thus being the "perfect" baby for tagging along to all sorts of places.
My little lady who always is amazing
already a deep thinker
who makes us laugh
who decides what and where she wants things
but who also is along for the ride.
My baby who is in a house already full of big kid things
that makes her want to do things sooner and faster 
My munchkin who is often the one with the smile
and by being the third is probably going to be the tough one.
Naomi your arrival has brought this family so many adventures this past year.  
What a blessing you are.  We thank God for you every day!


Anonymous said...

Oh precious little baby! Happy Birthday! The last picture is so cute- she looks so grown up! What a sweet tribute post this morning!

mother said...

I thank God for her, too! I examined each picture closely then flipped from the first to the last a few times. What a ride this year has been! Happy birthday, sweet Naomi!

heath said...

She is beautiful...two things that feel...LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE and sad that I haven't gotten to love on her and meet her...YET. Happy Birthday sweet Naomi. You are perfectly YOU!