June 10, 2015

On The Road To Recovery

Well, after 4 1/2 years the nasty world of strep throat has arrived at our house.  The past few days have been full of ice pops, thermometers, luke warm baths, movies, story books, juice and balancing a hot body vs. feverish chills.
But I am happy to report that what was thought was a virus we had to wait out has been diagnosed as strep and with that has come meds and the hope of a quick recovery.  We are all watching Ethan and Naomi like hawks to make sure they stay strong and healthy.  Meanwhile as our little lady bounces back to life it is nice to slowly release the tension and scared nervousness that worrying over a sick child brings.


mother said...

Thank God for speedy recoveries and antibiotics when needed.

m said...

Oh- and add how thankful we are for portable DVD players that can be watched by a bathing beauty !! ;-)

heath said...

Poor.....she still looks happy (or I'm thinking this is an old picture?)