June 17, 2015

I Just Made That Up

My kids love rocks.  The geologist in me doesn't mind that one bit.  Nope, instead it brings lots of soft and squishy emotions to mind instead.  Josh loves art.  He is so creative and loves teaching colors and blending to the kids.  Mix the two and you have little kids running around finding all sorts of different colored rocks to help daddy make a color wheel made completely out of different rocks.

What you also get is the following conversation I had with Abigail yesterday on our walk home from the mailbox:

K - Abigail, look at this rock.  It has a cool shape.
A- Oh yes, I like it.

Next minute I see her sucking on the rock.

K- Abigail, what are you doing?  
A - Oh, daddy tells me to get it wet to see its true color.  This one is commanist.
K - Commanist?
A- Yes, that is a great new word I just made up.  It means that this rock looks just like oatmeal.  
K- Commanist means the rocks looks like food?
A- Yes, you just never know when you might find a rock that looks as much like oatmeal as this.  I love this rock because it is commanist.  But sometimes if a rock looks like it has strawberries in it it can also be called a commanist.

Hahaha, this parenting job never had a dull moment for sure!


heath said...

haha.. this is hilarious! :)

mother said...

I'm heading out right now to look for a commanist rock. It just may look like it has watermelon in it!!! Yum. Wait. I think I'll slice off a piece of watermelon and have a snack before I head out on my rock hunt. Would Abigail like to join me?

mother said...

Somehow "soft and squishy emotions" are NOT how I would describe your fondness for rocks. Not one bit.


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