June 15, 2015

Gray Hairs At 34

Today is my 34th birthday.  In honor of that, here are 34 things about me that have randomly popped into my head:

1.  Sunshine makes me happy
2.  I love to swim but don't always love to get wet
3.  I dream of travel
4.  I think diner oatmeal is the best
5.  Just the thought of Homer, Alaska makes me smile
6.  I like flowers but never take the time or put in the money to grow them
7.  At times I love living in Alaska
8.  I like to cook for people
9.  I don't consider myself creative but still like to make things for people
10.  I like art but abstract art gives me an upset stomach
11.  I love to read and no matter how busy I am I try and keep that up
12.  I hate not being needed
13.  I love to take pictures
14.  I like to watch my kids play - contently
15.  I dream of relaxing vacations but like to be busy
16.  I would love to have a double oven
17.  I yell, I never really did until I had kids, I hate that and am working on it - daily
18.  I need, enjoy and find structure in a To Do list
19.  I like to read the ends of books shortly after I start them.
20.  At times I hate living in Alaska
21.  Serving people makes me so happy
22.  I am a Peanut butter snob and only like Jiff Creamy
23.  I wish I could have laser surgery on my eyes someday
24.  I like to eat food I have grown/raised/picked myself
25.  I like to ride horses
26.  I love the Lord
27.  I like candy too much and have a problem controlling myself
28.  I enjoy finding the positive things in life
29.  I plan on homeschooling my kids and it scares me
30.  I never get mad that my kids love rocks and fill their pockets with them daily
31.  When I am with my family I am the happiest I can be
32.  I don't think I have slept through the night more then 5 times in the past 5 years
33.  I have been to Russia, I never want to go back
34.  Even though I like to share things on this blog with others I find it is a great way for me to document my here and now for me, I like that.

Wow, that wasn't as hard to do as I thought.


Heather said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!! Many of these things were on my list for you and many were alternates that I couldn't include :) YOu are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is a VERY great list- I am glad you made it- a little self reflection on a birthday is the best way to celebrate. So many of the things I can relate to you EXCEPT "wanted to be needed" that is something I HATE!
Love you and think you are wonderful and I am glad to know you.

Anonymous said...

PS- heather is a wonderful friend that many people never find in life. I love love love you heather.

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