June 19, 2015

Friday Homestead Update

The first two weeks of June here in Fairbanks were cold and rainy.  This past week things turned around and it has made all the difference.  In looking at the garden last night I remarked that our garden didn't look as good as it does now at the end of the season last year and here we are only half way through June.
 So on the garden note, we are eating lettuce and now cucumbers each day.  The kids love it.  We have big green cherry tomatoes growing, zucchini's about ready to pick, and lots of growth in all of the plants.  Today is designated weeding day as those are also growing well and I have to get them before they get me.
 Whenever I talk about the chickens Heather asks where they are and a more overview look at their pen.  They are in what we call the lower garden.  One year we fenced this area in and I tried to grow potatoes but alas the trees shaded it too much and that was a flop.  So instead this area has become the chicken area.  Just down from the house, closer to the road.  On the property but far enough away we don't have to hear or smell them.  The entire pen is covered in a tarp but plenty of air, sun and wind gets to the fat ladies.
And fat they are.  We lost one more last week.  It had a week leg and we have been waiting for it to go itself but it just never did.  As its body grew its legs couldn't support it and it just shuffled around.  It really became a cruel thing to let it keep going so before we went away for camping Josh took care of it.  Not something we wanted to do but a part of raising these birds.  

But with the sun high in the sky (this is the weekend of celebration here with summer solstice upon us) the growing season is going strong!

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mother said...

Enjoy seeing that yummy cucumber but the chicken yard and the tale of euthanasia...well, that's a tough issue to deal with. I guess our rabbit yard from years ago was rather an eyesore, as well. Farms and animals just bring messes, don't they??
(You don't have to print this, you know. )


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