June 5, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

The kids love the chickens.  They love helping us feed them, water them, clean up after them.  They like to pet them, chase them, hold them and talk to them.  The birds get the joy of flowers picked for them to nibble on and the company of little visitors during the day.  All this love and care is working.  These ladies are getting big.  This video was actually from a few days ago and it is amazing how much bigger they already are.
On the garden front - it has been a cool and rainy week.  Thankfully it hasn't snowed here as it did at some people's homes.  But the cooler weather has slowed things down a little but the rain has been good.  As a neighbor said to me the other day, "I can water with well water all the time but those plants of mine just perk up better with they get a fresh dose of rain water from above."  

I mentioned last month that we splurged and bought split firewood this year instead of the full tree lengths.  Well, I am so excited to report that all 5 cords were hauled and stacked during those dry days of May and are now drying out for the winter ahead free from our so far rainy June days.  Seeing wood dry and stacked in the shed brings joy to my heart for sure.  So many years we are splitting and hauling wood that has been rained on all summer and is growing mold in September.  This system works much better.


mother said...

I just watched this 4 times! Watched Naomi, that is, as she gingerly touched the chicken with one little finger over and over. Darling!!

heath said...

So FUN!!! This really is a homestead!! I'm laughing at E taking off his boot. Did he get sawdust in them? I would love to see a 'bigger' pic of the whole chicken containment area. Where exactly is it at? So impressed that ALL THAT WOOD is put up already!! wow!

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