June 22, 2015

Family Camping

A week ago we came home from our first camping trip as a family with small kids.  Four and half years we have waited until the "right time".  But honestly I don't know if the time would ever be perfect.  Waiting until potty training was over, eating better, walking, able to sleep in a sleeping bag, and so on and so forth.  
Now with three kids in the midst of three different levels of development and we decided this was the summer to start.  And even though it was a little crazy it was great.  We are all happy we finally took the leap and started down this road.
 Each of the kids viewed camping differently but one thing they loved was that they had a new "home" for a bit.  The first thing Abigail did after we arrived and put out our table cloth was make a flower arrangement of dried flowers to help our home look pretty.
 It was so fun to spend lazy time by the river looking at rocks and teaching Naomi what it means to throw rocks into a river.
 Our time was full of those silly campsite activities to keep the kids busy enough that Ethan wouldn't want to keep playing in the fire pit, with the fire.
 The joys of no cell service, internet, chores, or life responsibilities except taking care of our babies.  
 Our new tent was AMAZING.  Josh, the kids and I really could not be more pleased.  The screen room was used for changing clothes, nursing the baby, playing with toys and keeping the dirt that follows you in out of the sleeping area.  The main tent was huge and we filled it with sleeping pads, blankets and sleeping bags.  When it wasn't time to sleep it was a huge play room where the kids just rolled around and around laughing (and no Ethan is not laying on Naomi's head in this picture).
 The taste of all our meals and s'mores over a fire
 Plus that fact that we weren't just camping anywhere, we were in Denali National park.  Amazing weather helped to make the place even more beautiful if you can possibly imagine that.
And when it was finally time to go to "town" as Abigail called civilization once again, we eased back into life with ice cream before the drive home.

Yes, our after first camping trip debriefing included some things that we would do differently next time.  But overall if you ask how it went you might just get an idea all I can say is that we can't wait to go again.

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Anonymous said...

It was a challenge and I am so happy that you got that tent- it made the experience even better and makes you want to go again. you live in amazing countryside!