June 25, 2015

A Small Fire Problem

Have you heard?  There are a few fires in Alaska these days.  More then 200 as of last night.
Needless to say we are breathing a bit of forest fire smoke and are all closed up inside despite the warm temperatures.  Sigh, summer in Alaska - if it isn't rainy it is smoky.  Right now there are crews from a lot of different states coming to help us out.  Many thanks go to all those wild land forest fighters and smoke jumpers.


mother said...

I heard that sigh...and I empathize with you. The cold days last soooooo long and you wait and wait for the wonderful days of sunshine and warmth. It's just not fair to be shut inside in JUNE!!! Blow away, smoke. Settle down, flames. Blue skies return.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if it is still smokey next friday and you don't have a homestead update you could update your VERY OLD and OUTDATED profile on the side of your blog!
You don't even list all your children for crying out loud.


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