June 24, 2015

A 4 Year Old's Energy

While in Denali we took an evening and hiked along a river bed.  It was a fun time of bush whacking through willows, throwing rocks in the river and wandering.
After a bit we came upon a trail.  Abigail got all excited and said hey Mama, I think this trail goes up that mountain, lets go.

Oh, to have just a sliver of the the perspective and energy of our children, that would be a blessing indeed.


mother said...

I share that same unrealistic viewpoint in life quite often. "This isn't so hard...it's not too far...I can do this in an hour.." Called optimism. ;-) Dream BIG, little Abigail!!

Did you hear about the pessimist who thought he'd try to be optimistic but decided it could never work?

Anonymous said...

Go Abigail Go!