May 19, 2015

Your Backyard

Two years ago I felt like we were finally getting out and about with the kids.  Ethan was 10 months and Abigail 2 1/2 the last time we were in Denali National Park.  Then we found out we were expecting our surprise gift.  Needless to say with Naomi arriving last summer visiting Denali wasn't part of our to do list.
But 100 miles isn't too far to travel to visit this beauty and the world around it.  Josh was reminded at the end of last week that the park didn't open until today.  Thus the road was open for access to anyone up to mile 30.
All summer you have to ride a tour bus into the park and the chance to take our own truck and have freedom to stop and go was worth it.
And even better.  After parking at 30 mile you can bike even further into the park.  You might remember one of my 2015 goals was to figure out how to bike as a family.  This is a blog post all of its own but since I can't take a picture and hold my bike I haven't taken any pictures of my solo biking with this crew.  We bought Abigail a ride behind bike (look close and you will see the blocks we put on the pedals for our little girl) and she LOVES it.  Ethan and Naomi ride in the buggy.  When Josh is with me he pulls the buggy and I pull Abigail.  When Josh works I put the buggy on Abigail's bike and pull all three.  It has been WONDERFUL!!  Naomi doesn't love her helmet and screams a lot but she will get used to it.  When we are biking Abigail is know to scream, BEST DAY EVER.  
But since our day in Denali was stop and go as needed - we were able to stop for snacks and letting this little girl stretch her legs.  
There is nothing like showing my kids that Denali is part of their Alaskan backyard.  What a great place to be.
Oh, long drives in a truck, wind, pushing ourselves with hikes, tumbles and biking makes for long days.  Being out and about seeing our world isn't always the easiest place to be.
But is it worth it?
Without a doubt yes.  To us it is days like this that makes us smile.
How wonderful to talk to the kids of caribou, bears and ground squirrels by showing them tracks on the ground.  To talk of geology, shifting tectonic plates and earthquakes while pointing to the tallest Mountain on our side of the world.  To explain cultures, travel, and the importance of people seeing their dreams in Alaska while the kids see visitors speaking a half a dozen languages in the park with them.
I love the every day days at home.  I really do but these days - these chances to be out in it all- sure do make me feel alive.


mother said...

I am groping for a better adjective than "wonderful" or "awesome" and can't find one today. These pics really capture the splendor of Denali Park and the joy of your being part of it all. Such expressions of happiness on your faces! (except Ethan's little episode. I think his right ear is cold is the problem...haha) Takes patience and effort to drag backpacks, food, bikes, carts, etc 100 miles but, as you wrote, IT IS WORTH IT!! You and Josh are sharing your love of adventure and appreciation for our magnificent world with your children. SO. WORTH. IT. A lesson not to be learned in any books or classroom. You are teaching the wonder of a leaf to the awesomeness of the highest mountain in North America. Way to teach about the power of our God!!

Anonymous said...

It is great you married someone that shares your passion for this and knows how to "do the outdoors" you are going to have many more adventures to come!!

heath said...

HOW WONDERFUL!!!! Your kids are blessed with such AMAZING parents. Your appreciation of God's creation...of learning...of teaching...

I'm always motivated, inspired, and pushed to be a better momma because of you. You make some things that seem too hard, or impossible, possible.

I love these photos :) It just makes my heart so happy for you and your family.


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